How do I look after my coloured concrete? 3 tips for keeping it looking new

Here at ICR Concreting & Landscaping we get this question all the time. How do I look after my coloured concrete? Well the beauty of concrete is that is is really low maintenance. Weeds cannot grow through it, dirt hoses off easily and it can withstand the harsh environment. Even though concrete is more a ‘set and forget’ product, there is a few things to can do to maintain the look of the concrete so it always looks new.

Keep it clean

Go over you concrete with a high pressure cleaner every 3-6 months to remove any dirt and prevent a bigger buildup of dirt. Lighter coloured concrete will grab the dirt more, so you may want to clean it more often.

Be gentle

Steer clear of harsh chemicals when cleaning your concrete on a regular basis. Some cleaners may be corrosive and eat through the sealer which will result in a dull or patchy surface. Use specialised concrete cleaners if needed.

Apply a fresh coat of sealer

When your new driveway or footpath was installed, the concretor would have put a coat of sealer on it. Concrete sealers are only made to last 12-18 months, so we recommend you give it a fresh coat every year. Before sealer can be applied, the concrete must be acid cleaned and high pressure cleaned and then allowed to dry thoroughly before the sealer is either sprayed on or applied with a paint roller. Once applied, allow a day or 2 for it to dry before driving over it.

The is a wide range of sealers on the market. you can get a clear sealers or coloured sealers. Sealer also come in different finishes so you there is plenty of options to suit your concrete and to get the desired look.



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